About Universa Investments L.P.

Universa is an investment management firm that specializes in tail hedging as a means to enhance long-term equity returns. Universa portfolios are, by construction, exceedingly positively-skewed, robust to extreme risk assumptions, and non-linear to common risk factors (such as beta).

Universa's economic edge derives ultimately from basic behavioral biases. Universa captures that edge through a focused and disciplined investment approach employing positively-skewed payoffs, empirical and fundamental-based option valuation, and trading/providing liquidity against systematic order flow imbalances and resulting mispricings in options markets.

Universa was founded in January 2007 by CIO Mark Spitznagel, with over a decade of implementation and cumulative, incremental development of its focused, positive asymmetric investment approach. Universa has thus created an innovative investment niche and risk management methodology within an increasingly homogeneous industry.

Universa is currently registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.