Mark Spitznagel
President & CIO

Mark Spitznagel founded Universa Investments L.P. in January 2007 and has developed its unique focus on risk mitigation in the context of achieving long-term improvements to portfolio construction. His investment career has spanned over 20 years as a derivatives trader, during which he has cultivated his approach to safe haven strategies, specifically bespoke tail hedging. Mark received an M.S. in Mathematics from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University and a B.A. from Kalamazoo College.

Eric Spencer, CAIA
CFO/Head of Investor Relations

Prior to joining Universa, Eric Spencer worked for Northwestern Mutual, which involved designing non-qualified plans and company-specific employee compensation strategies for Fortune 1000 corporations and commercial banks. He was responsible for such duties as running complex P&Ls for these organizations, implementing and overseeing employee benefit programs, closely following regulatory matters, and accounting for benefit accruals. He holds the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation, in addition to the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designations. Eric received a B.A. from Duke University.

Damir Delic
Portfolio Manager

Damir Delic previously worked for KBC Financial Products (the ex-subsidiary of D.E. Shaw) from 2000 to 2008, where he was Senior Vice President. At KBC, Damir was responsible for structuring and distributing the risks of the insurance derivatives book, co-running the relative value volatility strategies within its $1.5B hedge fund (AIM), and implementing in-house relative value arbitrage software. His prior role was as a proprietary trader on KBC’s market making desk in both listed and exotic equity options and overseeing the funding of the New York branch of KBC Financial Products in US Treasuries and in US Equity swaps. Damir graduated from the University of Indianapolis, in affiliation with the University of Nicosia (Cyprus).

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Distinguished Scientific Advisor

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the author of Fooled by Randomness, The Black Swan, Antifragile, and Skin in the Game. Nassim has held senior trading and managerial positions at investment banks and is currently Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at New York University Polytechnic Institute. Nassim received an M.B.A. from Wharton and a Ph.D. from the University of Paris.